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Wear the best-selling The North Face Men's Apex Bionic Jacket to beat the elements this season. Designed with functional features to keep you going, this soft shell jacket is a must-have essential for your winter wardrobe. It is constructed of a windproof, water resistant outer fabric and a comfortable fleece lining perfect for inclement weather. Whether you wear it alone or as an external shell, the Apex Bionic Jacket delivers.


* Full zip * The North Face brand you trust to deliver cold weather protection * Jacket features a stretchy, comfortable standard fit * TNF Apex ClimaBlock fabric wind permeability rated at 0 CFM * Napoleon chest pocket * Two hand pockets to keep your fingers warm whether you're skiing or hiking * Adjustable hem cinch cord for the perfect fit * Velcro adjustable cuffs and molded tabs * The North Face logo at left chest to represent your favorite brand * Built for mobility and designed for adventure * Fleece backer * Center Back: 28" * Fabric: plain weave polyester TNF Apex ClimateBlock * Style: AMVY

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